Please see below our recent feedback from both parents and school principals.

It's easy to recommend Miniversity' after school club to anyone looking to introduce their children to the relevant software and careers opportunities available today. They are enthusiastic about what they do and and this shows in the level of accomplishment shown by the students involved in the program. I particularly like that the children participate as a group and are encouraged to help one another and show off their ideas to the class. Kids, simply put, love technology and Miniversity.

Mr Alan Jennings Head of MCB Preparatory Department
Downey House School & Fullerton House School

Bangor Central Integrated Primary School after school club program has benefitted greatly from the introduction of Miniversity. They offer a fun, affordable and safe environment for our pupils to hone their computer skills and start to look at career options. It is wonderful to see how much they enjoy the club and how easily and quickly the children can use a range of software in real-life contexts.

Mr Peter Campbell
Bangor Central Integrated Primary School

We want the children at Moira Primary School to develop inquisitive minds, a thirst for knowledge and a pride in each new skill mastered. Miniversity afterschool club boasts a great track record for accomplishing just this through their innovative program which develops some advanced computer operations and the children absolutely love it.

Mr Colin Ford
Moira Primary School

My 5yr old son attended his first camp this summer and loved it. The daily themes were a great talking point in the evening and he learned a lot of new IT skills so if I have any IT problems he can now help me out!!

Maire Campbell - Belfast

What a fun way to learn. My daughter started when she was 5yrs old with no computer experience and she loved it. The staff are so enthusiastic and also extremely talented at getting the best out of all the children but keeping it fun. Can't wait for the next camp!

Lisa McGee - Donegal

Such a fun, cool and interesting way for children to learn, my two children absolutely love it, and the staff are so helpful and friendly. My youngest son absolutely hates school and didn't like the idea of going but on the first day he came home buzzing and couldn't wait till the next day! Definitely recommended.

Roisin McGreevy - Belfast

Sasha and Harry have really enjoyed their first week at the club and have grown in confidence showing off their new skills. I am very impressed at how much fun they have had with Excel etc. I wish I had the same level of enthusiasm for my own spreadsheets! We look forward to returning Thanks again.

Lisa Craig - Belfast

Miniversity is a fabulous programme in which children not only learn valuable ICT skills, but also learn about a wide range of careers. Michelle and her team are fantastic. The subject matter is engaging and inspiring and taught in a fun and varied way. Moreover the children have an opportunity to gain new friends and grow in confidence at the laptop/PC. The end of the day show gives the children the opportunity to hone their presentation skills in a trusted and friendly environment. Miniversity is simply excellent.

Frances Weldon - Belfast

Michelle, I was in a hurry with the boys today and did not have the chance to thank you personally for ensuring that they had a fantastic week with the Computer Club. All of them came out each day singing the praises of the club. Their computer competence and awareness of processess other than games has improved so much in such a short time, I am really impressed. Please keep me posted on future classes. If you ever decided to run a class at Hillsborough, we would be very interested. Very best regards,

Siobhan Brady, Hillsborough

I have sent both my children to Michelle's computer clubs on a number of occasions. The kids enjoy themselves so much they don't even realise they are learning vaulable and important skills. Michelle tailors the courses to each child's ability and therefore the children are never bored or overwhelmed but instead leave the course enthusiastic about computers and what they can be used for.

Julie Anne Clarke - Belfast

Hi Michelle, the presentations were incredible. I teach Starting a Small Business with my BTEC National Diploma students I just wish they could have seen what your little kids would have shocked covered so much of what goes into a business plan, they all had a really good idea of what their product offering was, they know who their target market was and the organisation charts were brilliant. I was really impressed with the analysis of their sales figures. Michelle your after school club is brilliant, many thanks Shane and Maegan are both looking forward to the Summer School and we would love them to continue with you in September.

Roisin McAlinden - Belfast

Michelle, I was stunned by the presentations last week. It was magnificent. Probably the most impressive demonstration of the kids' skills and confidence I have ever seen. Brilliant. Really well done. It could only have happened in an environment in which they were well practiced, happy and enthusiastic. That does not come bottled. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.

James Golden - Belfast

Hi Michelle, just wanted to say thank you for this week. Rebecca really had a fab time and has already asked if she can go at Christmas ! You obviously have a great connection with them so thank you!

Heather Barnes - Belfast

Each day was well planned with different activities to keep the children occupied, with grading of children to ensure work commensurate with abilities. The early drop off was very useful for parents who were working. I recommended this club to a friend and she was very impressed.

Sheryl Henderson - Belfast

Niamh has had 6 weeks of summer schemes so far this summer. I had joked with her that at the end of the summer she could give an evaluation and advise which was the best. She came home after the first day at Computer Club and told me it was the best and was gong to win her vote. She I hasten to add has also really enjoyed all the other schemes. She continued to leave happy each morning and enthused each day on her return about her achievements. All round endorsement Happy child = Happy parent.

Aine Mullaney - Belfast

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